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It is hard to turn on the television, computer or even open a newspaper without seeing an expensive ad offering to purchase your Annuity Payments. We encourage you to get quotes on your annuity payment from the companies that advertise on TV every few minutes. Compare them with the annuity payment quotes of our many accredited direct funding sources, who bid for your business. We simply aim to educate you on your rights and provide the best value possible for those who take the time to research selling their annuity payments. There is no obligation, just piece of mind.
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“I receive various annuity payments as the result of the wrongful death of my mother when I was a child. I’m sure at the time it was set up to meet my future needs…. But things sure have changed. I had to clear up some bills, I owed my Grand Parents some money and I needed more money for College. My attorney recommended that I contact to see what the direct offers would be for my future payments before I committed to anyone else. The best direct offer was much higher than what I had already been quoted. They were able to give me the money I need today and still leave most of my future payments.”

-Josh T. Oklahoma

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About Us strives to be a quality unbiased resource for anyone desiring to purchase an annuity or contemplating selling annuity payments for a lump sum of cash. There are countless insurance companies selling annuities and recently there have been many firms enter the secondary market for annuity payments. With so many options facing someone looking to purchase an annuity or to sell their annuity payments, research is most certainly the key.

We have specialized in annuities for over 20 years, but the purchasing of annuity payments is a relatively young service industry. Our staff and affiliates have already collectively accumulated over 100 years of annuity payment purchasing experience. Our approach to annuities is not sales oriented but rather embossed in education.

I am shopping for an annuity.

All too often someone is coaxed into purchasing the wrong annuity or buy any annuity when an annuity is not suited to them. We will assist you in completing your own simple annuity suitability study, so that you are literate when entering the market for an annuity. Each of the top rated carriers that we recommend have no front end loads whatsoever and a good, honest, knowledgeable, licensed annuity specialist should have availability to them. We will assist you in finding someone to complete the process of buying a particular annuity or establishing an annuity income if you so desire.

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I need to sell my annuity income for cash.

If you have an annuity payment coming to you on a regular basis and are going to sell annuity payments for cash, first please know that we will try to help you find another way of accomplishing your goal without sacrificing the income guarantees that annuity payments avail. If you have inherited an annuity payment stream, secured a structured settlement, settled a disability claim for monthly annuity payments or even won a lottery annuity and wish to sell annuity payments; we can help. We have no major television advertising campaign to support and always encourage our members to seek quotes from the companies that are more prevalent such as Peachtree and JGWentworth.

Our network of private, accredited purchasers of annuity payments bid for your annuity payments. We feel that our quotes for annuity payments speak for themselves and that is the primary reason that so many professionals and advisors choose us to secure a quote for their clients when they need to sell annuity payments.

Lower costs of operation, lower fees and higher offers all lend favorably to securing the best lump sum cash quote for your annuity payments.
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